Garage Floor Charcoal Stain and Concrete Coating


Garage Floor Charcoal Stain and Concrete Coating

Although we do a lot of concrete coating and staining, the bulk of Young Final Finish, LLC projects are larger commercial projects, but from time to time we’ll have a customer that is impressed with our work and will ask us “can you do this for my home?”

Yes, we can do residential work and we have done a lot of residential work, but it’s not the majority of our projects.

We listed this garage floor as part of our portfolio because of how great it turned out.  I’m sure you’ll agree, the finished product looks great.

When we arrive on site at our customers home in Indianapolis, the concrete had it normal stains and blemishes from parking cars in it over the years – oil stains, scratches, paint splatter, etc.

After using our special tools to remove the stains and blemishes and smoothing the concrete floor with diamond abrasives, we were ready for stain.  The customer decided to go with charcoal stain because they really liked how it looked.

Applying the Stain and Coating

There are many different types of concrete stains, but you’ll find most have an acid base, so we use protective gloves and masks.  Once the stain is applied, you’ll see it bubble a little which is normal. The stain dries very quickly, so it’s important to spreading it as evenly as possible as we apply it to the concrete surface.

Once the charcoal stain was applied, we wanted to make sure the floor was protected, so we applied our EXTREME concrete coating on the floor. If you’ve not had the opportunity to view the benefits of our EXTREME coating, it is slip resistant when wet, as well as chemical and stain resistant.

For more information on our concrete restoration, polishing or coating you can visit our EXTREME Concrete Coating or our Hard Surface Cleaning information pages or call us at (317) 418-9045.

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