David Young
David Young in 2010

About David

David Young founded Young Final Finish in 2009.

Prior to that, David had the privilege of working for different companies that also install new hard surface flooring.

This unique experience of seeing the life cycles of terrazzo and tile in different environments lead him to develop the DEFENSE Tile and Grout Coating and the BRILLIANT Terrazzo Finishing Process performed by Young Final Finish today.

David now has over 30 years of success in the terrazzo restoration and maintenance industry.

This success is based on David taking ownership of every floor project he works on.

Team YFF

The team at Young Final Finish added specialized services to the company.

These services focus on exceptional looking floors, simple maintenance programs, and the lowest life cycle cost.

To our customers…

  • Floors make a big impression on people when they enter a facility.
  • ·Our services will provide affordable dramatic differences everyone will notice.
  • ·We believe Young Final Finish’s services are the bridge between limited resources and high expectation placed on you as facilities managers.

Currently, Young Final Finish, LLC works with INDOT, Riley Hospital, IU Health, Purdue University, St. Francis Hospitals, NCAA National Headquarters, and a number of local school systems on a regular basis.

Young Final Finish, LLC also offers consultations.

The Yff Team
A look back at the Young Final Finish team in 2014!