Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

When your client or customer would perceive a difference in the floor’s appearance.

The floor is brought back up to par. If it’s on a regular maintenance schedule, this means possibly running a light diamond grit and applying layers of vitrification. For a floor past its regularly scheduled maintenance with more wear, this means running additional diamond grits. Bringing up to par also includes removing acid etches or scratches in the floor that normal maintenance would not address.

We create a more dense surface on the floor which gives a better shine and extends the time between maintenance. We also do a true chemical conversion of the surface without wax additives, which wear quickly and cause the floor to be slippery. Our people are able to determine the areas that need maintenance, but more importantly, the areas that DO NOT need maintenance.

No. We are used to working in environments where the traffic never stops. There are no cure times and our employees are always professional and courteous.

Yes, if the process was done correctly. Often, the vitrification was done on a sub-par grind and polish job. These issues may need to be addressed in order to create a more dense surface.

For in-house staff, when it comes to applying the layers of vitrification. If you purchase chemicals and wool from us, we will act as a consultant on any terrazzo needs for your facility.

Industry standard is 75% of the cost of keeping a wax/sealed floor up to par. With YFF, it’s 50% of that cost. Note: Some areas require a sealed finish to protect from integrity loss.