SEALED Concrete


Clear. UV Resistant. Tough.

SEALED Concrete floor Coating is tough, a clear, UV-resistant, commercial coating with easy care. Your SEALED floor is chemical and stain resistant, as well as slip resistant when wet.

We will smooth your concrete to remove surface imperfections before we apply this coating.

It’s Tough

Maintenance is easy: If you use it and abuse it, we can resurface the existing coat for a minimal amount of the original cost and get you the same brand new look quickly and easily.

Sealed Concreate Sample

Our concrete cleaning and polishing process:

By smoothing your concrete with diamond abrasives, we remove surface imperfections. Then we apply our clear, super-durable coating to your garage floor, patio, commercial building, etc. Our coating will protect your concrete with a superb, wet concrete look.


We also restore hard surface floors, so if your concrete floors are cracked or need repair, we will fix it before we coat it.

Concrete Floor Repair