mable and terrazzo maintenance

Marble and Terrazzo Maintenance

Save up to 50% or more on your maintenance program.

Our maintenance program for marble and terrazzo floors have been documented to save companies up to 50% or more in their routine maintenance. This is possible because of our patented processes developed by David Young, owner and founder of Young Final Finish, LLC […]

terrazzo and marble restoration

Marble and Terrazzo Restoration

Transforming Floors, Saving You Money.

With decades of combined experiences, Young Final Finish, LLC is the premier Marble Floor and Terrazzo Floor Restoration company in Indianapolis, IN. With our patented processes there is no company that can restore your floors and save you money the way YFF can […]

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DEFENSE Tile and Grout Restoration

We don’t just restore, we protect and preserve.

With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve come across some interesting tile and grout that need restored and with our experience we’ve perfected the art of restoration. After the tile and grout has been restored, we want to make sure that it’s going to last for many years to come […]

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concrete resurfacing and coating

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Utilizing many of the same techniques as we do for Terrazzo and Marble Restoration, our Concrete Grinding process is unlike any other system you will get from any other concrete restoration company.  Anything from a simple resurfacing, repair, polishing, staining and coating project, Young Final Finish, LLC is can help with your concrete floors […]

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Hard Surface Cleaning

Why waste more time and effort “trying” to clean your hard surfaces the old fashion way? Young Final Finish, LLC offers fast, effective, and affordable solutions that work on any hard surface: natural stone, travertine, brick, concrete. Surfaces we can clean with our specialized equipment are: concrete, tile, terrazzo, marble and more […]

hybrid tile thumbnail

The HYBRID young-final-finish-hybrid-environmentally-friendly-green-leaf-logo Tile Finishing System

The HYBRID Tile Finishing System No more dirty grout lines. No Coating. Maintenance Free. HYBRID is a hard surface flooring that combines porcelain tile with epoxy to create a monolithic surface. This product gives you all of the benefits of a porcelain tile floor; the hardest wear surface in the industry, without the dirty grout lines […]

terrazzo vitrification thumbnail

BRILLIANTTerrazzo Finishing Process

Young Final Finish, LLC exclusively offers the BRILLIANT Terrazzo Finishing Process which offers as much as fifty percent (50%) savings on maintenance. Terrazzo requires continual care, with either a coating or a vitrified finish. Young Final Finish, LLC has the experience in determining which of these finishes is best for the application. This is based on the amount and type of foot traffic […]


EXTREME Concrete Coating

EXTREME Concrete Coating is TOUGH. It is a clear, UV resistant, commercial coating. Care for your EXTREME floor is easy. It is slip resistant when wet, as well as chemical and stain resistant. We will smooth your concrete to remove surface stains and imperfections before we apply this coating.

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