I am proud to say after 15 years my building still looks like we opened her last year, and the shine on my terrazzo floors are one of the first items we are complimented on.
Steve Coverdale, Buildings Coordinator Noblesville Indiana Schools Corporation
Through Young Final Finishes’ BRILLIANT process we have been able to greatly reduce our yearly maintenance fees by over fifty percent. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Young Final Finish and look forward to a continued relationship.
Jessica L. Jordan - Assistant Property Manager NCAA National Office
The Indiana Department of Transportation believes the HYBRID tile finishing system is a far superior flooring system/process to standard ceramic tile and terrazzo systems for high maintenance facilities such as an interstate rest area or welcome center. Over the years INDOT has tried numerous types of flooring systems at interstate rest areas without success and is in need of a low maintenance flooring system for high traffic areas. INDOT has installed this system in its Michigan City, Henryville, Centerville and in the process of installing at the Auburn rest areas.
Steve McAvoy - Officer of Facilities Manager Indiana Department of Transportation
I am extremely satisfied with the work that Young Final Finish has performed at the High School. The brilliance of the floors gives the staff and students the feeling that they are working in a professional environment. This sharp image in our facility show that we care about the goals of education that are being accomplished here. Our parents and especially visitors compliment us regularly on the floors looks. Often expressing a desire for their floors to look the same.
Mr. Rivas - Facility Director Pike Township Schools