Jasper County Courthouse:
Brilliant ⭐️ Terrazo

Built in 1896 and has not had this terrazzo restored before. The edges in places had become severe enough to trip people.

Indy Parks & Rec HQ:
Brilliant ⭐️ Terrazzo

This old facility was closed for many years. Saving this terrazzo entry was the vision of the contractor who was changing this facility over to a storage facility.

Woodrow Wilson Middle School:
Brilliant ⭐️ Terrazzo

In 2020, we were invited to restore the terrazzo on the first of 3 floors. We started by removing carpet from the original terrazzo floors.

Woodrow Wilson Middle School:
Defense 🥋 Tile And Grout

We deep cleaned the dirty tile and grout, grouted the entire floor, and applied our Defense slip resistant sealer. This is one of 6 large restrooms.

The Conservatory at Evergreen:
Sealed :Seal: Concrete

We had the awesome privilege of being able to help wrap up this unique project by finishing the concrete.

Sugar Grove:
Sealed :Seal:Concrete

This 5,100 square foot project was done in the Sugar Grove elementary school cafeteria and delivered a fun environment for their students to hang out in. Includes a tiled layout and mascot graphics that show school spirit.

The Continental Apartments:
Brilliant ⭐️ Marble Restoration

The Continental Apartments were originally built as the Spink Arms Hotel in 1922. We restored this 1,000 plus square foot section of Tennessee Pink and Tennessee Cedar marble floor in 2021.

Franciscan Alliance:
Brilliant ⭐️ Terrazzo

We are proud to work with the Franciscan Alliance hospitals to help them maintain their floors and provide a safe and inviting experience to both staff and patients.