Woodrow Wilson Middle School: Defense 🥋 Tile and Grout

Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Terre Haute. Built in 1926, as a middle school, and serving that purpose still today. It looks like a museum from the outside. In 2020, we were invited to restore the terrazzo on the first of 3 floors. Three grades, each with its own floor. Carpet Nightmare!

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We started by removing carpet from the original terrazzo floors.
Placed over the terrazzo in 1983. I have never seen so much glue used to place carpet. The carpet ran up the walls as well.

We did a grind on the floor, patched and repaired areas, placed some new terrazzo, all before polishing to a high gloss finish.

The place smells much better as you can imagine. Yahoo!

The tough part was figuring out what to do with the wall space above the original terrazzo cove and the vinyl base.

Stainless steel!

With the school being the Warriors, represented by a Middle Ages Knight, we choose to use a stainless steel band. The same material we were already using for all of the threshold transitions.

This made this job very unique.

We ran out of terrazzo in the newer hall to the addition. We found a short run of original dark concrete for back of the house and the new concrete from 1983 beyond where the building originally stopped.

Between these areas we placed terrazzo where foundations with walls had been.

After grinding and repairing the concrete we placed our toughest coating over it.

Concrete is maintained so much easier with a seal 🦭 coating and not a high polish.

This project has been a huge success!

We have since completed the 2nd level and will complete the 3rd in 2023.