Sugar Grove: Sealed :Seal: Concrete

About This Project

The Sugar Grove Elementary project included concrete grinding, polishing, and sealing, which took place in the school cafeteria.

The project began in Dec 2021 and covered 5,100 square feet. We started by demoing out the existing old carpet tile and vinyl tile.

We ground the concrete, removing old glues, and planing it smooth.

We then polished to prep for sealing. We used our most durable seal product that can handle the heavy use of the area.

Back Again In Dec 2022!

The seal coating we used was a big success with the school. It was very easy to clean and no wear was showing from the past year.

The principal and others wanted more color for the kids than the industrial look of the concrete.

The industrial look is very popular for most environments. We came up with a color plan based on the school’s bulldog mascot and logos.

The procedure used this time was to grind the durable coating back off. We then painted the color blocks with a durable coating product. The bulldog was not easy but came out amazing!

We prepped the surface and re applied the same seal coating.

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