The Continental Apartments:
BRILLIANT ⭐️ marble restoration

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The Continental Apartments were originally built as the Spink Arms Hotel in 1922.

We restored this 1,000 plus square foot section of Tennessee Pink and Tennessee Cedar marble floor in 2021.

After removing multiple layers of flooring and glue, we discovered the marble floor had 60 good sized holes in it, besides the marble tiles being offset. We decided to patch the holes with a color blending terrazzo, using Tennessee pink marble pieces.

Once we ground and high polished the entire floor together, the terrazzo patches did not take away from the general sharp appearance.

The owners were very happy.

For someone who knows what to look for, the restoration appears to have taken place shortly after the original install. I refer to this as “throwback” restoration. You can’t tell when it was done. I try to do this as much as possible. Check out this awesome location at The Continental Apartments

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