Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services

Serving Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area for many years, Young Final Finish, LLC offers concrete resurfacing, concrete polishing as well as various other types of options for your flooring project. Using many of the same techniques as we do with our terrazzo, marble, and tile restoration services, our concrete resurfacing and restoration process is unlike any other. We can restore almost any hard surface flooring, so when your floor requires repair for those visible cracks, chips, and blemishes please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Whether your commercial or residential project requires:

Young Final Finish, LLC has you covered.

Concrete Grinding &Amp; Polishing

Grind and Polish Smooth

With the many different options we provide for concrete resurfacing, after discussing the project with our customers, often we will do test areas. Our experience allows us to propose ideas the customer may not have considered. The test areas will provide visual examples to our customers of what type of resurfacing they prefer. Some examples could include various types of designs and coatings we offer after the restoration is complete to give the look they desire.

Through smoothing and honing your floors with our diamond abrasives, we can eliminate many surface imperfections.

Furthermore, unlike most concrete restoration companies, our process doesn’t create the dust most processes create. Therefore, you do not need to cover furniture or other objects to prevent the dust from settling because we don’t create the dust most common with restoration or resurfacing projects. Our proven processes ensure every floor our team is able to complete will give that perfect appearance our customers were looking to create.


After the concrete floors have been restored (if necessary), we can apply our clear and super-durable coating to your concrete surface (if desired) and protect the floor.

One of the finishing systems we offer our customers is our Coating system.

Concrete Coating

Our Concrete Coating is a super durable and clear layer of protection. The coating is also UV-resistant and slip-resistant, perfect for commercial floors. Our coating will protect your flooring with a superb polished concrete look.
Concrete Grinding

Concrete Floor Maintenance Services

Similar to our terrazzo and marble maintenance services, our concrete maintenance services are specific to each customer. Through normal ware and tear eventually your floors will have scratches, chips, cracks, etc. Young Final Finish, LLC can help you create an annual or bi-annual maintenance program specific to your needs and budget to ensure your floors maintain their beautiful finish.